"Vivid, Evocative & Surreal" New Film SUMMER 1993 Opens This Friday at AFS Cinema

SUMMER 1993 opens on Friday June 15 at the AFS Cinema. Tickets on sale now.

Spanish writer/director Carla Simón tells her own story in the dreamlike new film SUMMER 1993. In the film, we follow Frida, a precocious and observant six-year-old whose life is dramatically changed after the death of her parents.

Frida and her young cousin Anna play and fight together during lazy days of summer as Frida struggles to understand her circumstances.

Aided by cinematographer, Santiago Racaj, Simón uses her camera to bring us the unique perspective of life through the experience of a young girl. Instead of dramatizing a childhood tragedy, Simón explores a deeper experience of life during upheaval and the ways in which we make sense of these events.
We like the film a lot. But don't just trust us. The critics are pretty much unanimous in praise of the film, as the 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes attests. Here's what they're saying:

“Movingly understated and beautifully acted.” (NYT Critics Pick) – Jeanette Catsoulis, New York Times

“An extraordinary and beautiful work of grief and memory.” – Kyle Turner, Village Voice

“A uniquely vivid and evocative kind of storytelling... SUMMER lives, breathes and succeeds on the expressive, instinctive work of its young lead actress.” Gary Goldstein, LA Times

“Simón achieves the rare feat of faithfully recreating the mysterious consciousness of a child… It’s a surreal spectacle, monstrous yet magical, combining qualities of childhood that are too often obscured by sentimentality.” Peter Keough, Boston Globe

Watch the trailer for SUMMER 1993 here: