New Chef Doc THE QUEST OF ALAIN DUCASSE Opens This Friday at AFS Cinema

THE QUEST OF ALAIN DUCASSE opens on Friday June 22 at the AFS Cinema. Tickets on sale now.

With 23 restaurants across the globe and now 18 Michelin stars under his belt, master chef and restaurateur Alain Ducasse is showing no signs of stopping in his quest to bring artful cuisine to the world.

In the new doc THE QUEST OF ALAIN DUCASSE, director Gilles de Maistre follows Ducasse from country to country as he forms schools to mentor the culinary geniuses of tomorrow and opens new restaurants in places like Versailles, all while continuing his quest to find (and taste) the best produce in every pocket of the world

Sound appetizing? We think so too, but don’t just believe us. Here's what the critics are saying:

“Gorgeously shot for the big screen, this absorbing documentary explores what makes the eponymous globe-trotting chef-businessman tick.” - Alissa Simon, Variety

“In his astute look at the artistry and business of food, de Maistre makes the case that haute cuisine serves the same function as haute couture, creating an indelible experience while encouraging new ideas to filter through the industry.” - Serena Donadoni, Village Voice

"Be forewarned that a second-hand rush of exhilaration and inspiration will occur – as will a hunger for haute cuisine." - Courtney Howard, Fresh Fiction

Watch the trailer for THE QUEST OF ALAIN DUCASSE here: