Like Superhero Movies? So Do We: RBG Opens This Thursday at AFS Cinema

If you’re wondering why everyone is talking about the new documentary RBG, it’s probably because Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is every bit the superhero that the film asserts, and all of us who value civility, scholarship and good judgment love Ginsburg, who has embodied these traits so well for so long.

But directors Betsy West and Julie Cohen don’t have to break out the Super-CGI effects to make their point - they simply let RBG take center-stage. What results is an awe-inspiring ode to a monumental woman.

Preview audiences have been erupting into spontaneous applause and you will too. Could you use a feel-good movie like this right now?

RBG opens at AFS Cinema on May 3 and, in what is surely a heartening sign for the Republic, shows are starting to sell out. Don't worry though, we'll keep adding more.

Tickets now on sale. Be there!

'How are the reviews,' you ask. Well...
“Ginsburg isn’t just an 85-year-old cultural icon, she’s also an 85-year-old cultural icon who spent a lifetime opting for litigating over protesting, for painstaking incremental legal work that took years to bear fruit, and who still feels more comfortable in the world of words and text than in the world of fame and notoriety. RBG captures that paradox beautifully.” - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate  
“RBG makes the case for Ginsburg as a hero, but for all aspects of her life, not just the splashy cases that help shape the nation… But what might be most inspiring about Ginsburg – and RBG... – is how she’s continued to hammer away at her dreams and her desires, even when buffeted back by forces she can’t control.” - Kate Erbland, IndieWire 
“We are living in an era full of sound and fury, not to mention bitterness, hysteria and rampant incivility. So there is something deeply soothing about RBG…” - Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter  
“The notion of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the diminutive and soft-spoken Supreme Court justice, as a judicial “rock star”... may seem a strange one. But the lively and thorough profile painted of her… makes a persuasive argument for that characterization… RBG shines a strong, clear spotlight on female jurists who are out to change the world, one small step at a time.” - Michael O’Sullivan, Washington Post
Watch the trailer here: