New Desplechin Alert: ISMAEL'S GHOSTS Opens This Friday at AFS Cinema

Anytime one of the lions of world cinema makes a new movie it is an event. Writer-director Arnaud Desplechin certainly falls into this category. As his classic works MY GOLDEN DAYS, KINGS & QUEEN and A CHRISTMAS TALE demonstrate, Desplechin is never shy about following his own north star wherever it may take him - and his audiences.

His newest film, ISMAEL'S GHOSTS, stars Louis Garrel, Marion Cotillard, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and the director's own favorite actor Mathieu Amalric in a story of lost love regained... sort of. Expect a collision of diverse emotions, the funny and the sad dancing around one another in the exquisite Desplechin manner. It opens this weekend at AFS Cinema so you can see it for yourself.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what the critics are saying:
“A messy but vibrant drama... serves as a reminder that the messiness so vital to Desplechin's work... is in fact the carefully achieved product of a tricky and elusive alchemy.” - Justin Chang, LA Times 

“...a crazy ride – and pure 'amour-fou' bliss...... reminds You Why Marion Cotillard Is a Star…  So often, this preternaturally talented actress is simply asked to be Pretty Mystery Lady when she's recruited for Hollywood movies. Desplechin gives her chance to run the gamut from guilty to breezy here, and it's a gift to Cotillard – and us.” - David Fear, Rolling Stone 

“...this movie’s nerve endings vibrate most avidly and tenderly in scenes where not a word is spoken… It’s moments like these that make ISMAEL'S GHOSTS an unforgettable experience.” - Glenn Kenny, NY Times
Watch the trailer here.

ISMAEL'S GHOSTS opens Friday, April 13 at AFS Cinema. Tickets on sale here