Jonathan Rosenbaum on BEFORE THE REVOLUTION: Rare Print Screens 3/24 at AFS Cinema

AFS Cinema is excited to present Bernardo Bertolucci's remarkable early film BEFORE THE REVOLUTION this Saturday, March 24th at 6:00 PM. We will be screening a rare 35mm print all the way from the Cineteca di Bologna...the chance to see this film in 35mm probably won't happen again anytime soon, so be advised.

Here's Jonathan Rosenbaum on the film:
It is not surprising that Bernardo Bertolucci’s second feature — made when he was only 22 and released a year later in 1964 — has never been as fashionable as THE CONFORMIST(1969) or as popular as LAST TANGO IN PARIS (1972). But even though it is sometimes raggy and choppy as storytelling, BEFORE THE REVOLUTION is still possibly the most impressive thing he has done to date.
There probably isn’t another Bertolucci film, at least until the recent BESEIGED (1998), that is constructed so closely around individual pieces of music, pop, jazz, and classical, culminating in a climactic premiere of a Verdi opera, Macbeth, heard off-camera but never seen. And like John Cassavetes’ SHADOWS (1960) — evoked directly in one love scene between the callow young hero Fabrizio (Francesco Barilli) and his slightly older and neurotic aunt Gina (Adriana Asti), played out to the accompaniment of a tenor saxophone solo – BEFORE THE REVOLUTION has all the vibrant emotional intensity of youth giving its all.
Read the entire Rosenbaum piece here. Then check out the trailer and buy tickets HERE.