Edify Yourself! Original Mimeographed Notes for all Films in the CinemaTexas Rewind Series Here

As you might know by now if you've been following AFS, the CinemaTexas Rewind series runs from March 22 through April 22 at the AFS Cinema. Full details are here.

Part of the charm of the original '70s and '80s CinemaTexas film screenings at the University Of Texas was the mimeographed notes, written by students and/or faculty distributed at each screening. You can read a comprehensive collection of these in this new book from UT Press, which also has the advantage of being in a much more readable format.

Additionally, we'll have a limited number of xeroxed note sets at each screening.

However, since we don't want to deplete forests any more than possible, we are providing scans of all notes for the films in the series. You can read those at this link. Enjoy!