Attn. Ôshima Gang: Rare Nagisa Ôshima Films Now Playing at AFS Cinema

Our FORBIDDEN COLORS: THE TRANSGRESSIONS OF NAGISA ÔSHIMA series is now playing at the AFS Cinema. Now is your chance to see the films of one of the 20th Century's great cinema provocateurs on the big screen and (except for one digital and one 16mm) on 35mm film.

From his earliest films (CRUEL STORY OF YOUTH, NIGHT AND FOG IN JAPAN) where he established himself as a filmmaker with something to say, through to his erotic masterpiece IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES and on to his collaboration with David Bowie, MERRY CHRISTMAS MISTER LAWRENCE, this is a series that must be seen on the big screen and discussed with friends. These are packages of ideas that inflate when watched.

Here's the whole series lineup and, if you haven't seen it already, the trailer. Hope to see you at all the shows.