Friday, March 30, 2018

Attn. Ôshima Gang: Rare Nagisa Ôshima Films Now Playing at AFS Cinema

Our FORBIDDEN COLORS: THE TRANSGRESSIONS OF NAGISA ÔSHIMA series is now playing at the AFS Cinema. Now is your chance to see the films of one of the 20th Century's great cinema provocateurs on the big screen and (except for one digital and one 16mm) on 35mm film.

From his earliest films (CRUEL STORY OF YOUTH, NIGHT AND FOG IN JAPAN) where he established himself as a filmmaker with something to say, through to his erotic masterpiece IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES and on to his collaboration with David Bowie, MERRY CHRISTMAS MISTER LAWRENCE, this is a series that must be seen on the big screen and discussed with friends. These are packages of ideas that inflate when watched.

Here's the whole series lineup and, if you haven't seen it already, the trailer. Hope to see you at all the shows.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Watch This: Paul Thomas Anderson and Richard Linklater in conversation at the 2018 Texas Film Awards

It's not every day that you get to listen to a couple of the greatest filmmakers of a generation just talk. But that's the magic of the Texas Film Awards, which took place on March 8th, 2018, where audiences are treated to the kind of star-studded glamour and magical movie moments rarely witnessed outside of Hollywood. 

This year, as a special tribute to the late Jonathan Demme, Richard Linklater sat down with Paul Thomas Anderson (the recipient of the inaugural Jonathan Demme Award) for an intimate conversation about their mutual friend. It's a beautiful, inspiring discussion. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Edify Yourself! Original Mimeographed Notes for all Films in the CinemaTexas Rewind Series Here

As you might know by now if you've been following AFS, the CinemaTexas Rewind series runs from March 22 through April 22 at the AFS Cinema. Full details are here.

Part of the charm of the original '70s and '80s CinemaTexas film screenings at the University Of Texas was the mimeographed notes, written by students and/or faculty distributed at each screening. You can read a comprehensive collection of these in this new book from UT Press, which also has the advantage of being in a much more readable format.

Additionally, we'll have a limited number of xeroxed note sets at each screening.

However, since we don't want to deplete forests any more than possible, we are providing scans of all notes for the films in the series. You can read those at this link. Enjoy!

Watch This: The Cramps Live & Untamed in 1979! More this Weekend!

From Friday, March 23 through Sunday March 25, the AFS Cinema will welcome Emily Armstrong and Pat Ivers for a trio of screenings of their work. Starting in the mid '70s they ran a public access show in New York called GoNightclubbing! and they did just that, capturing hundreds of hours from the fertile Downtown New York music scene, which encompassed all manner of styles and attitudes. We look forward to their films and stories.

On Friday there will be Suicide Live Plus The Best Of No Wave, then on Saturday we will show Pylon Live Plus The Best Of New Wave, then on Sunday we'll spread out for Songs & Stories with some of the top highlights from their video archive and also their memories of the artists (including the late lamented Cramps) and times. We hope you can join us. Tickets and more info here.

In the meantime, to tide you over here is a clip from the Cramps performing "Surfin' Bird" in 1979. If you never saw this band, one of the most high-energy, high-danger bands of all time, this is as close as you're ever likely to get.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Jonathan Rosenbaum on BEFORE THE REVOLUTION: Rare Print Screens 3/24 at AFS Cinema

AFS Cinema is excited to present Bernardo Bertolucci's remarkable early film BEFORE THE REVOLUTION this Saturday, March 24th at 6:00 PM. We will be screening a rare 35mm print all the way from the Cineteca di Bologna...the chance to see this film in 35mm probably won't happen again anytime soon, so be advised.

Here's Jonathan Rosenbaum on the film:
It is not surprising that Bernardo Bertolucci’s second feature — made when he was only 22 and released a year later in 1964 — has never been as fashionable as THE CONFORMIST(1969) or as popular as LAST TANGO IN PARIS (1972). But even though it is sometimes raggy and choppy as storytelling, BEFORE THE REVOLUTION is still possibly the most impressive thing he has done to date.
There probably isn’t another Bertolucci film, at least until the recent BESEIGED (1998), that is constructed so closely around individual pieces of music, pop, jazz, and classical, culminating in a climactic premiere of a Verdi opera, Macbeth, heard off-camera but never seen. And like John Cassavetes’ SHADOWS (1960) — evoked directly in one love scene between the callow young hero Fabrizio (Francesco Barilli) and his slightly older and neurotic aunt Gina (Adriana Asti), played out to the accompaniment of a tenor saxophone solo – BEFORE THE REVOLUTION has all the vibrant emotional intensity of youth giving its all.
Read the entire Rosenbaum piece here. Then check out the trailer and buy tickets HERE.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Starting This Weekend: Films Of French Master Olivier Assayas; In Person at Select Screenings

“Movies should not be about other movies, they should be about your experience of life.” – Olivier Assayas

Nest week, French director Olivier Assayas joins us in-person at the AFS Cinema for a limited retrospective of his films, including the premiere of the new restoration of his 1994 classic, COLD WATER (a Janus Films release). The director will also be present at the screenings of SOMETHING IN THE AIR and PARIS AWAKENS.

Assayas is the voice of a generation. His brilliant body of work addresses our rapidly globalizing and increasingly technological environments, and interrogates the meaning of art and artistic creation in our finite existence. Born in 1955, he was an adolescent during the galvanizing “social revolution” of May 1968, an experience that would forever impact the way he sees the relationship between ideas and the world. His films return to these themes again and again, with ever more poignancy and bite.

The screenings kick off on Sunday, March 4 with his most recent release, 2016's PERSONAL SHOPPER, for which he won the Best Director prize at Cannes.

His highly personal portrait of the events of May '68, SOMETHING IN THE AIR follows on Friday, March 9, with Assayas in person. Later the same day we screen the premiere of the restoration of his 1994 film COLD WATER with Assayas and Richard Linklater introducing.

We follow up Assayas' visit with more screenings from his oeuvre, including IRMA VEP (1996), PARIS AWAKENS (1991), SUMMER HOURS (2008), and CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA (2014).

Watch the trailer for this series here:

Watch This: Texas Film Awards are Around the Corner: Here are Highlights from Last Year's Show

Shirley MacLaine accepts her Texas Film Award

We're less than a week out from this year's Texas Film Awards. The annual event brings in actors, filmmakers, and others in the film industry to Austin to celebrate the Texas film industry. Among the special guests this year will be director Paul Thomas Anderson and actor Armie Hammer. 

As a throwback to last year, we're looking back at all of the speeches and clips from our 2017 guests, including honorees Shirley MacLaine, Tye Sheridan, Sarah Green, Hector Galán, and Jeff Nichols. Each of our honorees are introduced by a friend or past collaborator. Watch the full clips below.

Shirley MacLaine, presented by Richard Linklater

Jeff Nichols, presented by Michael Shannon

Tye Sheridan, presented by David Gordon Green

Sarah Green, presented by Nick Kroll

Hector Galán, presented by Henry Cisneros