Thursday, February 8, 2018

BOMB CITY is the Austin Chronicle Pick Of The Week - Opens at AFS Cinema This Weekend

"First-time director Jameson Brooks’ BOMB CITY reads like a recipe pulled from "The Anarchist Cookbook": Everyday items which, when assembled, create a dangerous product capable of wreaking havoc and destruction." - Danielle White, Austin Chronicle

A tragic 1997 incident that took place in Amarillo, Texas forms the backbone of an exciting new film called BOMB CITY. Made by a team of filmmakers with Amarillo roots, BOMB CITY revisits the controversial death of 19-year old Brian Deneke which occurred during a period of volatile conflict between punks and jocks.

The film, which pulses with a hardcore punk beat, juxtaposes both tribes and lets us see the events with the clarity of hindsight. In this week's Austin Chronicle, Danielle White gives the film a 4-star "AC Pick" review and Marc Savlov contributes a much longer piece with a lot of interesting backstory and followup reviews.

Watch the trailer here:

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