Moviegoers: Sharpen your Pencils & Fill out the 2017 National Art House Audience Survey

Every year, the Art House Convergence, a national network of community-based, mission-driven cinemas of which the AFS Cinema is proud to call itself a member, distributes a survey to the patrons of all the cinemas in the organization. All the member groups review the results with great interest - as do distributors, archives and others. It really helps set the tone for the kinds of offerings that these theaters are able to share with members. You can read some of the past survey results here.

If you are a patron of the AFS Cinema, we'd love for you to take a few minutes and fill out the survey. In exchange for the time you spend doing this, we will mail you a $3 off coupon in December. More importantly than that, you will be helping to make Art House cinemas more vibrant and responsive to audience wants and needs.


Click here to fill out the survey.