What They're Saying about LANDLINE, Opening this Week at AFS Cinema

Director Gillian Robespierre's (OBVIOUS CHILD) comedic second feature LANDLINE has thrown the Los Angeles and New York cinema scenes for a nostalgic loop which The Washington Post's Ann Hornaday calls "a rueful glimpse of a vanished time and place. . . often unexpectedly and guffawingly funny.

Again, here Robespierre teams with actor Jenny Slate (OBVIOUS CHILD, SNL) who stars as Dana, a befuddled twentysomething languishing in 1990s Manhattan. 

For Indiewire's David Erlich, "LANDLINE unfolds like a less caustic version of THE SQUID AND THE WHALE, albeit one fueled by a raw female energy and graced with the vocabulary of a sexually frustrated sailor."

Chicago Sun Times' Richard Roeper describes the setting as "a world where Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits are considered fashion-forward, Liz Phair is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and singles-bar conversation includes lines such as, 'What about you, do you watch a lot of ‘Must See TV’?'

Slate's Aisha Harris says, "As a lightly nostalgic ode to a particular place and time, Robespierre and co-writer Elisabeth Holm’s film can be subtly wonderful, particularly in its quintessential New York City moments involving odd and nosy background characters. As with NYC itself, you may think you’ve seen LANDLINE before, but it still finds a way to surprise you. . . A uniformly excellent cast and some genuinely moving moments make it easy to fall for."

LANDLINE Opens this weekend at the AFS Cinema. Tickets on sale now.