Revisiting the Outlaw Indie TV Series SPLIT SCREEN with Host John Pierson Live 6/11

John Pierson and friend

John Pierson’s Split Screen, the essential show about American independent cinema, was a deep dive into both the great troublemakers of the 90s film scene alongside the truly obscure, interesting characters that were around at the time. Sadly, the series, which originally aired on IFC, was unavailable to the public for years, until its recent rerelease on the FilmStruck's Criterion Channel,

AFS is thrilled to join with John Pierson to host a live event presenting selections from the show on Sunday June 11.

The re-release is truly exciting news for film lovers. In what he called his “magazine-style show”, Pierson was able to capture all aspects of what was so special about the era-- it wasn’t just the big names like Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino, but the creative corners of the film world that, in the early days of the internet, took an explorer to uncover.

Pierson was just the explorer for the job, and on Sunday he will present highlights from the series and share some offscreen memories as well. We invite you to join us for this historical and entertaining event.

One of those hidden corners could be found in the GrrrlRiot scene of Portland, where a feminist filmmaker was churning out her own ultra-indie magazine style film series. A few weeks ago, Miranda July recently joined a Split Screen event in New York alongside Richard Linklater, Kevin Smith, John and Janet Pierson, and recalled her experience getting onto Pierson's show.