The AFS Cinema Opening is Just Around The Corner: New Photos!

As many of you who are reading this doubtless already know, the long anticipated reopening of the AFS Cinema is coming very soon with the first public screenings starting on Friday, May 26. Check out the entire, packed calendar here.

Not only has the AFS Cinema added a second theater, we have reconfigured the lobby, ticket area, concession offerings, and event space. Now, for the first time, we have photos of these finished or nearly-finished spaces. Hope to see you in person there soon for one of the many screenings or other partner events. We're looking forward to sharing a few cold beers and some hot popcorn with you.

This is the bar!

Here's the "Polish Wall," named after the Polish posters from AFS Artistic Director Richard Linklater's personal collection. A frequent pastime is trying to guess which film each poster represents. These are only a few of the posters in the space.

Here's a POV shot from the new Theater 2 auditorium. Sight lines have been configured for subtitled films, because we're going to show a few of those.

Here's a front view of the same auditorium

These are 35mm prints. We'll be playing a lot of them.

You can support AFS by buying our awesome merchandise, including a selection of books that we think you'll like.

Here's the bar again, with a few thirsty members of the AFS Cinema team for scale. They collectively bring many years of experience and are looking forward to making your moviegoing experience as pleasurable as possible.

Thanks to David Brendan Hall for the photographs.