More Photos of the AFS Cinema Renovation in Progress

The art deco doors remain unchanged

A few more photos of the AFS Cinema construction project have made their way to this desk and I wanted to share them with everyone. These were taken about three weeks ago, during a visit we staffers made to the space.

Last month, we shared some photos from earlier in the process, but this gives a much clearer idea of the how far along the space is coming. Soon we will have new screens, seats and technical upgrades complete. Before you know it we'll be announcing our opening slate of films. See you soon.

Here's a shot of the lobby facing away from the front doors. The bar has been replaced with a lower-profile area that doubles as a concession and ticket counter.

Here is the bare interior of the new theater 2. It has had the floor surface redone completely to improve visibility, particularly for subtitled films, and a built-in stage now rises from the floor

Lastly, it probably won't break anybody's heart to learn that the restrooms are being completely redone. Here is a shot of the womens' restroom after removal of all previously existing facilities