VICE Reports on the AFS & Holodeck Records Live Event at SXSW

AFS was honored to be asked by SXSW to coordinate an event for this year's fest with our friends from Holodeck Records' stable of talented artists.

As the annual spectacle of SXSW raged outside, a very lucky 50-or so folks crowded into the back room at the Hideout to enjoy a live score of the beautiful and strange 1965 Japanese art-horror film KWAIDAN.

Here's the report from Dan Gentile of VICE's deep youth-culture imprint Thump.
When the lights rise after three full hours of Kwaidan, there's a palpable mix of awe and restlessness in the crowd. This wasn't something that would be recreated the following day on the rooftop of Whole Foods or in a crowded club; it was one of those rare one night only SXSW experiences that 49 people will brag about for the rest of the week. No matter what else they see that night, though, it probably won't make for as strange a story as seeing a bunch of Texans re-score a Japanese horror film.
Months before the SXSW screening and live score, a packed house at the AFS Cinema got to experience this very special synthesis of sound and image.

Here is a short film that shows some of the behind-the-scenes preparation, interviews with the musicians, and parts of the performance itself.