The Best AFS Trailers of the Past Year

Recently I was asking a distributor for a downloadable version of his film so we could cut an in-house trailer. This is an unusual request, but one we make frequently. The reason for this is that most trailers are cut for a very general market, and one that may not be as savvy or, well, steeped in good taste as ours.

So, we cut our own trailers for most of our shows and series. Every semester we have a pair of Senior Interns whose job is editing video. They apply to do this, and are selected and guided by the marketing and programming departments here. They come in with talent and, hopefully, at the end of their semesters, have learned a lot from their time at AFS. This is one of the many programs that AFS members and donors are supporting.

And each time I ask a distributor for permission I usually append a few of these trailers so the distributors can see what kind of high quality work we are turning out. It occurs to me that this process may interest some AFS members and theater-goers as well, so I am going to present a few trailers that I believe are among the absolute best of the past year.

There will be more NEW trailers soon, but for now, please savor these.

This haunting trailer for Polanski's MACBETH was cut by Graham Young.

Trinidy Patterson cut this omnibus trailer for the SURREALIST LOVE GODDESSES series. The series was a big audience success and the trailer went a long way towards that.

Isaac Marquez cut this one, for the bizarre Art/Horror film MESSIAH OF EVIL.

It would be hard to choose a favorite of Tricia Torley's many trailers, but I think this one for MOONTIDE, in the Ida Lupino series, is pretty representative of the quality standards she brought to the job.

Nick Kline accepted the challenge of editing a trailer for Chantal Akerman's JEANNE DIELMAN. 23 QUAI DU COMMERCE, 1080 BRUXELLES and did a knockout job at it.

When Colin Rothamel turned in this draft of the ONE EYED JACKS trailer, I think I watched it six times in a row. It's so good.