Don't Miss: A Weeklong Celebration of Contemporary French-Language Film at AFS

From RAGING ROSE (Crache Coeur), screening Thursday April 20

For the third year, AFS is partnering with Premiers Plans, a film festival and organization located in the Loire Valley capital of Angers, France, to create a cross-cultural dialogue about independent film. AFS and Premiers Plans will co-present the New French Cinema Week, showcasing four new award-winning French language first films by emerging European filmmakers.

This series begins this (Easter) Sunday, with a screening of IN BED WITH VICTORIA at the AFS Screening Room. The next three shows will be at the Contemporary Austin Jones Center (on the roof!) and the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum's Spirit Of Texas Theater.

Austin and Angers are sister cities, and this program is supported by Austin Angers Creative, the city of Angers, Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the French American Business Council of Austin, Bouvet Ladubay, Freestyle Language Center and the Alliance Française Cine-Club of Austin.

Here is more information, with ticket links, for all showings.

Sun, April 16, 2017, 5 PM
The AFS Screening Room
(1901 E 51 St)

With cinematographer Simon Beaufils in attendance.

In this deliciously entertaining comedy, a 30-something lawyer, recently divorced and acting as a single mother to two young daughters, finds herself at the center of multiple personal and professional crises that threaten to bring on a nervous breakdown. Director Justine Triet brilliantly navigates her main character’s thinly veiled neuroses, awkward sex life and relationship fiascos with humor and a delicate touch.

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Thu, April 20, 2017, 8:30 PM
The Contemporary Austin Jones Center
(700 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701)

With director Julia Kowalski in attendance.

This richly photographed portrait of a Polish-French high school girl in provincial France sharply depicts the dangerous intensity of a young woman’s unrestrained emotion in the midst of a first love. Young Rose’s Polish-born father runs a construction company that employs recently emigrated Poles. A new employee, Jozef, solicits Rose’s help in locating his estranged son, Roman, who is Rose’s age. Rose falls hard for Roman, which places her in the center of an unfolding drama between father and son.

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Sat, April 22, 2017, 8:30
The Contemporary Austin Jones Center
(700 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701)

With director/star Orelsan in attendance.

A lighthearted feature from one of France’s most famous contemporary hip-hop artists, UNCOMPLETED SONG marks the arrival of a new comic talent in director and lead actor Orelsan. The semi-autobiographical story follows two uncool, small town slackers who have talent but can’t overcome their daily dramas to focus on their debut rap album. Given one final chance to provide a completed song before their producers drop them for good, the guys find themselves facing a 24-hour deadline and a day from hell.

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Sun, April 23, 2017, 5:30
Texas Spirit Theater at the Bullock
(1800 Congress Ave)

With director Lidia Terki in attendance.

A 70-year old Algerian woman crosses the Mediterranean for the first time in search of her migrant husband, who had traveled to France 40 years prior to find work that would support his growing family. After many months of receiving money but no news, Rekia has decided it’s time to bring Nour back to his homeland. Director Lidia Terki uses a script and images that evoke classic poetic realism, eschewing a traditional narrative for a sensual, cinematic depiction of the emotional experience of immigrant life.

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