AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Lisa Hart Carroll on Acting & the Actor as Filmmaker

Lisa Hart Carroll in her first film role, in TERMS OF ENDEARMENT

For every actor who becomes a star, there are 500 more who wear out their shoe leather going to auditions. Lisa Hart Carroll hit the jackpot early, getting cast in TERMS OF ENDEARMENT in an important supporting role in a film that would prove to be a major critical and audience success, and which, in 2017, would receive the Star Of Texas Award at the Texas Film Awards. Subsequently she played a number of roles in films, but, not surprisingly, none matched TERMS for quality or opportunity.

Fortunately for all of us, Carroll has emerged from the experience with a lot of life lessons, good humor, and, best of all, good stories. She is a serious student of acting, and much of our discussion is about other actors, their styles and techniques.

Acting is, for all its foreground visibility, one of the most undervalued of the professional disciplines that comprise filmmaking as a whole. In our free and wide-ranging discussion we talk about the tricks of the trade, various acting styles, and, for some reason, Lon Chaney Jr.

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