A Look Inside the AFS Cinema Renovation

The main theater is being outfitted with sound improvements, a new screen and a cosmetic facelift

We know how eager everyone is to get inside the renovated AFS Cinema and check out the next wave of movie culture in Austin. We have huge plans, and are just waiting for the doors to open so we can welcome everyone back in. There will be a second screen added, upgrades to the existing main theater room, a completely new lobby and bar area, and a large, versatile event space.

Here are some photos, showing the lobby under the knife. The project is farther along now, but this gives everyone who is familiar with the contours of the old space an idea about the scope of the effort.

We'll be announcing more details about the renovation and opening date soon. If you are not already signed up to receive AFS emails, now's the time. Sign up here.

We loved these piles of dirt, by the way, but we ultimately decided the lobby was better without them.

These construction dudes are the best.

This is a head-on look at where the bar used to be. There's a new bar going in alongside a streamlined ticket counter. Also, a new event hall entrance has been created, for comfort and ease of use.