Watch This: Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin's 1971 TV Masterpiece MELODY

Today is the 70th birthday of actress, singer, songwriter and style icon Jane Birkin. She has appeared in films by Antonioni, Rivette, Varda, Godard, Resnais, Tavernier, Hong Sang Soo and many others. To many, she may be best known for her collaborations with musician Serge Gainsbourg: singles, albums, scandals, and a daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, whose own resume is fairly packed with accolades.

Her collaborations with Serge Gainsbourg are pure magic. The video linked below is perhaps the most comprehensive example of the kind of sparks they made together. Directed by music video pioneer Jean-Cristophe Averty, it is a video designed to accompany the concept album "Histoire de Melody Nelson" and it includes those songs in their entirety. This is one of the great pieces of music-video ever created, a masterpiece in both visual and aural form. The delirious choral and string arrangements by Jean-Claude Vannier, kick in to high gear in the last chapter and the piece achieves something like the nirvana intended. Enjoy.