Watch This: Martin Scorsese Gets DEEP About Marlon Brando's ONE-EYED JACKS

Brando directs

Last month, at the New York Film Festival, Martin Scorsese introduced a screening of the new restoration, which he supervised, of Marlon Brando's sole directorial credit ONE-EYED JACKS.

This same restoration will be presented by AFS on Monday, December 5 at Stateside at the Paramount. 

Scorsese begins with a somewhat technical explanation of the super-widescreen VistaVision film format, of which ONE-EYED JACKS is the last example. He continues with the provenance of the script, and Stanley Kubrick's aborted participation in the project.

He goes on:
"This is the only film directed by Marlon Brando. The cineastes and the entire theater culture, cinema culture around the world... all waiting for Marlon Brando to direct a film. I remember, even in Film Culture at one point, they suggested that Brando direct The Book Of Job... but he did this, a Western.
"What's remarkable about this picture, it's unlike any other western because of the intensity and the power of the actors and the way they're directed, the way they're framed, against the landscape and within these houses, these sets. The intensity and the energy of the actors just bursts out the edges of the screen."