Listen Here: Julie Dash Tells the Story of DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST

The Austin Film Society presents a screening of the new restoration of DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST with special guest Lisa B. Thompson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of African & African Diaspora Studies at the University of Texas, on Tuesday, December 13 at the Spirit of Texas Theater. Tickets and more information here.

25 years ago, Julie Dash made the film for which she is still best known for today, a remarkable portrait of a place and time long past. DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST (1991), which was the first theatrically distributed film directed by an African-American woman, has only grown in critical esteem in the intervening quarter-century.

In this interview with Fresh Air's Michel Martin, Dash talks about the film, her life, and how she felt when she saw Beyonce's homage to her film in LEMONADE. Enjoy.