Watch This: Burt Lancaster did a Foster's Lager Commercial?

Burt Lancaster, born on this date in 1913, certainly had one of the best lives ever. As a young man he was a skilled athlete, excelling at basketball. He spent most of his 20s in the circus as an acrobat, picking up acting gigs on the side. During WWII he was stationed with the Army in Italy. Back in the states after the war he went to auditions and landed a role on Broadway.

Once the Hollywood scouts saw him, his destiny was secure. THE KILLERS, BRUTE FORCE, SORRY WRONG NUMBER, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, VERA CRUZ, SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS, ELMER GANTRY (for which he won an Oscar), JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ, THE LEOPARD, THE TRAIN, THE SWIMMER, ATLANTIC CITY... You get the idea. It's a career full of great films in which Lancaster gave some of the best leading-man performances ever and was popular with both audiences and critics. He also produced many of his own films and was a force in Hollywood.

None of this explains the following long-form commercial, in which he plays a wealthy tycoon rumbling through England in a limousine, thinking back over a life of savagery, when he picks up a hitchhiker with ideas of his own.