Listen Here: Zach Clark Talks To John Waters about Fassbinder, Bieber, & Malick

"I used to clip the condemned list and read it over and over. I could recite it, practically."

John Waters has, of course, gone from being an obscure zero-budget filmmaker to one of the most highly visible filmmakers in the world, even though he has not directed a film in 12 years. The life of cultural observer and raconteur suits him though, and he's a dream conversation partner.

Director Zach Clark, of whose film WHITE REINDEER Waters is a fan, does such a fantastic job of driving this Talkhouse conversation down some very deep filmic paths. When is the last time you've heard Waters go deep into his influences: Rossellini, Bunuel, etc? Clark takes you there. It's the best Waters interview in years.

Click here to listen.

By the way, Clark's newest film, LITTLE SISTER, plays at the AFS Cinema on Friday 11/4 as a Free Member Friday. See you there.