New AFS Cinema Design Plan Announced

There's an exciting piece in the Austin Chronicle today about the ongoing redesign of the AFS Cinema. As many of you know, the AFS Cinema will close for several months on October 31 for renovation and improvement. When the theater reopens there will be a second full-time screen, a better bar and concession area, and a spacious lobby (see rendering above). We will still offer the same kinds of acclaimed film programs we do now, only with a full schedule and two screens. This means there will be six times as many screenings in the new AFS Cinema. That's a big deal and we're all excited about it.

We're also excited to have Designtrait and architect Michael Hsu on board to work with us in realizing the look and feel of the cinema. We love Michael's designs for the P. Terry's locations and South Congress Hotel and we have spent a lot of time conveying our own passion for cinema spaces to the design team.

This will be a great, vibrant spot for watching films new and old, on 35mm and DCP, and for community partnerships. We hope to see you all there many times.