Watch This: John Huston Living the Good Life, 1966

John Huston (born on this day in 1906) was a great filmmaking talent, with remarkable intelligence and an unusual ability to communicate. He made many good, and some bad, movies, and was pretty much the definition of a larger than life character. It is impossible, hearing it now, not to be charmed by his mellifluous voice, and, even if we know that he could be a difficult person, all that is left for us now is his magnetic appeal, and his films.

Here, from 1966, are a pair of clips from the CBC in which we are taken behind the castle walls (literally) and shown some glimpses of Huston, his family and friends (Burl Ives!) at home in Ireland. In the second video, Huston, an avid horseman, and former cavalryman, shows his son a thing or two about how to keep a good seat in the saddle.