Watch This: John Cassavetes, Ben Gazzara and Peter Falk Wasted on National TV

"This is the reason I didn't join a fraternity." - Dick Cavett

During the filming of John Cassavetes' HUSBANDS (1970) the director/star and his other cast members Peter Falk and Ben Gazzara really got into character as a trio of middle aged ne'er-do-wells. When it came time to promote the film they took that same drunken abandon with them onto the Dick Cavett show. This is, along with Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal's conflict on Cavett's show, and the Oliver Reed/Shelley Winters war on Carson, one of the best examples of talk-show appearances gone wrong. Among other mayhem, Cassavetes gives Falk a horsey-ride and Gazzara kisses Cavett. Later, they become sincere. Gazzara discusses the work of Orson Welles at length, and compares Cassavetes to him. The three then bring up excellent points about filmmaking and life, though in slurred voices.

At one point the crowd turns on the guests and chants, "WE WANT DICK!"

Enjoy responsibly: