Skip Film School, Just Watch this Hourlong Samuel Fuller Doc Instead

OK, maybe don't actually skip film school, at least if you've already enrolled. But you should be able to test out of at least 4 semesters with the knowledge and insight that can be had in this documentary about the great writer/director Samuel Fuller (born on this day in 1912).

Fuller was an all-American iconoclast, a no-bullshit believer in the power of free institutions with a tough-minded, skeptical, but always humanist viewpoint. This film, featuring large doses of Fuller's wisdom, as well as insights from Jim Jarmusch, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese and others, can tell you 80% of what you really need to know about the art form of which Fuller was such a great master. Fuller is one of the great raconteurs, and a real character. The wisdom pours from him as unfettered as smoke from his cigars.