Happy Birthday Pam Grier! Watch These Hilarious, Fascinating and Raw Interview Clips

It's a funny thing. The camera just loves some people more than others. Sometimes it's a matter of bone structure and light. Often it's in the eyes. In many cases, it's just a person's authenticity coming across - we just like that person. Actress Pam Grier, who, it should be noted, also has a fantastic voice, scores off the charts in all these categories. She's a star, and, like the great stars of the '30s and '40s, she was chosen by the public as their own.

It has become commonplace to call movies like FOXY BROWN and COFFY bad movies. They're not. They are cheap movies, but it's not the same thing. No movie starring Pam Grier can be a bad movie. It's just not possible. If she's in it, that movie shines for that time. We love her and we love hearing her talk about her life and career. If you haven't read her book "Foxy: A Life In Three Acts," you should. You'll gain a lot of insight about her seriousness and her approach to the craft of acting as well.

Today, wish her a happy birthday and enjoy these interview clips of Pam in conversation at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Warning: there is some strong language.