Stressful Week? Relax With The Quavering, Calming Sound of Jimmy Stewart's Voice

Jimmy Stewart making the universal sign for "chill out!"

Here at AFS we are all climbing the walls putting the final touches on next week's Texas Film Awards and the Texas Party. These are events that are fun for everyone and a hell of a lot of work for all AFS staffers, interns, volunteers and others.

By now we're all walking around with hunched shoulders. I think we're storing stress and you're just not supposed to do that. So about an hour ago I put this video of a 1973 interview with actor James Stewart on, donned my headphones and started knocking out emails. I have to say, the quavering but warm voice of Jimmy Stewart goes a long way towards making those little irritations go away.

We'll see some of you at the Awards and a whole lot more of you at the Texas Party (only $40 for AFS members).