Happy Gangster-Movie Character Actor Day

There is, as of yet, no official holiday commemorating those character actors who turn up in large numbers of organized-crime movies or television shows, but if there were such a holiday, today would be a great day for it.

Take a look at who was born on this date:

Abe Vigoda (1921-2016): He had a million credits but is probably best known as Tessio from the Godfather movies.

Al Lettieri (1928–1975): He died young, but his portrayal of The Turk in THE GODFATHER is unforgettable. Also appeared memorably as a criminal in THE GETAWAY (1972) and MR. MAJESTYK )1975).

Dominic Chianese (1931-): Multitalented singer/actor. Appeared in THE GODFATHER PART II and many other films before achieving mafia immortality as the SOPRANOS' Uncle Junior.

John Vernon (1932-2005): Deep-voiced Canadian character actor who played all sorts of roles, including gangsters in POINT BLANK (1967) and CHARLEY VARRICK (1973).

Emilio Rivera (1961-): Busy character actor, a regular on SONS OF ANARCHY, and a specialist in playing Mexican and other Latin-American criminals.

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