An Exhaustive List of Everything Steven Soderbergh Read, Watched & Listened To in 2015

MODESTY BLAISE, viewed February 13, 2015

Steven Soderbergh has retired from filmmaking, kind of, but he is still updating his infrequent blog Extension 765. Yesterday he posted his annual Seen, Read list detailing which films, plays and television shows he has watched, what books or storied he read and what music he listened to.

All kinds of people make similar lists but of course it's interesting reading what a working filmmaker who has proven himself to have pretty good taste chooses to watch, read, etc.

It's a little surprising to see that he watched, in addition to many fine films, the Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast and the World Figure Skating Championship. He watched a lot of TV, in fact, and a bunch of his own movies and TV shows. No word on what he ate while he watched them.

That list is here.