30 Years Ago: When Abe Vigoda Met Dr. Ruth

Abe Vigoda, who died today at the age of 94, seemed like a great guy. He was blessed with an unforgettable face and he was a fine actor whom everyone who worked with him seemed to love. Today most of us know him best from his role in THE GODFATHER as Sal Tessio. He was also one of the stars of the very successful comedy series BARNEY MILLER. Significantly, in MTV's obituary they refer to him as the star of 1997's GOOD BURGER. He lived so long that even his longevity became a fond joke.

Here is Vigoda in the place we would least expect to find him, on Dr. Ruth Westheimer's sex advice talk show. He's very sharp, funny and deeply lovable as he talks with Westheimer. Don't expect much sex advice, he's strictly business.