Watch This: New Short Doc About the Genius Animator Behind JURASSIC PARK, STAR WARS, etc.

"I took LSD when I was working on RETURN OF THE JEDI. I could communicate with my cat Brian and Brian took me on a journey... I crawled into this cupboard with Brian the cat and we went to the center of the earth for like three billion years."

Friend of AFS Evan Husney has made a great new short doc for Vice Films about the man who created, either alone or in tandem with others, some of the most impressive movie special effects of all time. It's always been a little baffling how so many modern CGI effects look so terrible when clearly the technology was there to make the JURASSIC PARK dinosaurs look realistic decades ago.

In the doc, Tippett takes us into his workshop, shows us his models and shares his process and, maybe more interestingly, his philosophy.

It's a great watch. Here it is.