AFS Viewfinders Podcast: Author Bryan Connolly on Blake Edwards

The new AFS Viewfinders podcast is up. You can find it on iTunes or click here to listen.

Our guest is Bryan Connolly, author and viral media celebrity. Bryan is joining us as co-programmer and co-host of our January Essential Cinema series, Love Is A Two Way Street: Films Of Blake Edwards & Julie Andrews. The series includes 10 (1979), S.O.B. (1981), VICTOR VICTORIA (1982) and THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN (1983). These films are masterful examples of Edwards' ability to work with a diverse palette, from social satire to keen interpersonal observation to, of course, slapstick physical comedy.

Connolly and I talk about Edwards' amazing career trajectory that took him to every level of Hollywood from the laundry room to the penthouse. We also talk about the social reasons for the widespread disparagement of physical comedy and the remarkable talent of Julie Andrews, Edwards' wife and, perhaps, greatest star.*

*Apologies to Peter Sellers