Watch This: The Life & Times of Don Luis Buñuel; also: His Perfect Martini Recipe

Luis Buñuel's LOS OLVIDADOS screens Tuesday 11/24 at AFS @ The Marchesa, hosted by Richard Linklater with special guest Professor Charles Ramírez Berg, author of The Classical Mexican Cinema.

Has there ever been a great filmmaker with the range and diversity of material shown by Luis Buñuel? It's staggering to think that the same filmmaker who brought the world UN CHIEN ANDALOU also made BELLE DE JOUR. The same man behind the socially conscious (mostly) realist LOS OLVIDADOS also tripped off into the sensual surrealism of THAT OBSCURE OBJECT OF DESIRE.

Here is a fine 1984 BBC doc that includes interviews with many of his contemporaries and collaborators.


Also, just for kicks, here is Buñuel's martini recipe, which includes a dash of sacrilege.
The day before your guests arrive, put all the ingredients — glasses, gin, and shaker — in the refrigerator. Use a thermometer to make sure the ice is about twenty degrees below zero (centigrade). Don't take anything out until your friends arrive; then pour a few drops of Noilly Prat and half a demitasse spoon of Angostura bitters over the ice. Shake it, then pour it out, keeping only the ice, which retains a faint taste of both. Then pour straight gin over the ice, shake it again, and serve. 
The making of a dry martini should resemble the Immaculate Conception, for, as Saint Thomas Aquinas once noted, the generative power of the Holy Ghost pierced the Virgin's hymen "like a ray of sunlight through a window — leaving it unbroken."