Ferrara/Noé: The Maddening Audio Interview We've All Been Waiting For

Abel Ferrara and Gaspar Noé are both polarizing filmmakers who take major risks and seem to live on the edge at all times in their professional lives. From Ferrara's arthouse/grindhouse beginnings to his current residency in Italy making biographical films about Pasolini and Padre Pio, he has both attracted and alienated audiences with his choices and attitudes. He's the classic reprobate in many ways, and has also turned out brilliant work. Film history will be kind to him.

The Argentinian/French Noé, in his films I STAND ALONE, IRREVERSIBLE, ENTER THE VOID and the new 3D hardcore erotica film LOVE, also stands outside what might be consider the orthodoxy of international arthouse cinema.

What happens when these two attempt to have a meeting of the minds over Skype? It's challenging to both the brain and the ears, and definitely not safe for work, especially the part where they talked about Abel Ferrara's beginnings making a porn film.

It's good to hear that Ferrara's energy level is as high as ever and that even Noé has a hard time keeping up with his profanity laced wisdom.