Start Spreading The News: 7 Weeks of Arthouse Classics Hosted By Richard Linklater

Our Jewels In The Wasteland series, in which AFS Artistic Director Richard Linklater presents a selection of his favorite films from the '80s along with thorough introductions and audience discussions, has proven over its first two years to be (no surprise) one of AFS' most beloved and popular programs. It's no wonder that the young stars of Linklater's new film referred to him as Rickipedia, he's tremendously knowledgable and insightful.

This November and December we celebrate AFS' first 30 years with a look back at some of the films presented in the early days of the film society, all chosen, hosted and followed by a discussion period with Linklater. The program is geographically wide-ranging, with films from France (MASCULIN FEMININ, PICKPOCKET), Japan (THE CEREMONY), Mexico (LOS OLVIDADOS), the Hollywood underground (shorts by Anger and Lynch) and good old NEW YORK, NEW YORK for Scorsese's underappreciated musical drama.

The entire schedule is here.

As usual, no AFS membership is required to attend, but it's a lot cheaper to buy that $20 a month (or $30 a month DUAL) LOVE membership and see them (as well as scores of other films throughout the year) free. It is sneakily the best filmgoing deal in town, and a great - hint, hint - holiday gift.