Thursday, September 24, 2015

Two Teenage Sisters Watched Every Best Picture Winner & AFI Top 100

When the story about the two teenage girls who watched every Academy Award Best Picture Winner and every film on the AFS 100 Movies... 100 Years list started showing up in my social media feed I felt a little curmudgeonly about it. After all, the Oscar is a trade award and not necessarily an imprimatur signifying historical excellence, and anyway, how can teenagers have the life experience that will allow them to understand and and absorb the meaning and importance of a good film anyway?

In all likelihood, the two sisters probably did not catch everything, and, at least in the article appended here, they appear to have liked the more crowd pleasing stuff, but they genuinely seem to have ventured far out into the unknown on a voyage of greater appreciation and understanding. I hope they'll rewatch the films after they have more life experience to give the viewings more emotional heft, but what the hell, they have a good start.

Here's 15 year old Julia Pitts on SOME LIKE IT HOT:
“I thought Marilyn Monroe was pretty good. I liked her as the girl in SOME LIKE IT HOT. I liked the other people in the story too. The two guys were hilarious. The whole plot was super funny."
And her 16 year old sister Cecilia on THE GODFATHER:
“Here Brando isn't a flashy mobster at all. He controls the family, He wants the best for the family. He has given them the American Dream. You can tell the actors looked up to him — and it works.”

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  1. Lars, thanks for this Article.. I just found it today. I am there Dad. A fuller explanation of how they ventured on this project would take a while, but the easy way to say it, is that like their Mom and I they have always loved movies. They had seen a good share (around 40) of the 160 movies on both lists by they time they started, so it wasn't to hard of a lift. We get all the Movie Channels and TCM was indispensable.
    On thing on the Article, I sent out a VERY innocuous tweet the night they finished (Too Kill A mockingbird was last) and was contacted a few days later by the Academy (asked for my number to call)..... during that call even though it wasn't said, I could tell I was being vetted (perfectly fair) and the Public Relations fellow, asked if he could talk to them in a few days... I never told them, figuring he would get better responses if they just answered without having days to think about it..... He and I never talked about the subject of the questions and I told him he was perfectly fine to ask them whatever he liked, he interviewed them each separately... and it was very indepth in some cases... But as you noted, in the end the Academy still wished the article to be read, so the more crowd pleasing stuff was almost assuredly going to get in. These are girls that had already seen and could discuss Travis Bickle, but clearly that wasn't going to be something they would cover... At any rate we thought it caught their youthful exuberance and teenage spin on the movies... Like your article we found people VERY supportive. The Academy sent the girls some lovely swag, as did the Board of Governors (with a note via Ed Begley Jr.) ..... The writer and magazine was very surprised at the response (because it wasn't about famous people) but in the end we decided that other movie fans probably identified with them, saw themselves, or remembered what movies meant to them at that age.
    At any rate. Thanks for your Article.