Here's What You Need to Know About the New & Improved AFS Membership Levels

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For years now, we've been listening to your requests and working to devise a better system for giving our members more and more great experiences while keeping membership dues inexpensive. Our previous membership levels were created several years ago when we were offering 7 to 10 events most months. Now we are screening many more films, having more intensive workshops and dialogues, and generally giving you more and more chances to use your membership.

Understandably, many people wanted an affordable membership that would allow them to attend events without the necessity to buy an additional ticket - a multipass, if you will. So, when we set out to create our dream system, it involved a more robust LOVE membership level that does just that. From now on, LOVE-level members will pay only $20 a month to attend all regular priced screenings, as well as Moviemaker Dialogues, Works-In-Progress, parties, etc. It requires a one-year commitment, but the billing will be done automatically monthly, a la Netflix.

There's no catch here. It's as good as it sounds. You'll pay the cost of two movie tickets every month and attend as many of our screenings as you like. The Dual LOVE membership is an even better deal - only $30 a month for you and your partner to sign up.

The WATCH and MAKE levels also remain excellent bargains too, with many of the same deals. There's a whole chart here to help you make up your mind about which level is right for you - it may be the exclusive PREMIERE level, which includes admission to big events with talent in attendance, or it may be the 100% free LEARN level membership for active students. Also, if you want to split up any of the membership packages into monthly payments, we can work with you to split those up.

This is a membership structure developed by and for major film enthusiasts who want to have as many opportunities to share film culture together and, through their support, provide opportunities for Austin's filmmaking community to grow and prosper.

If you are already a member, you've received an automatic upgrade to the new benefits, and if you're not a member - isn't THIS the time to become one? Sign up online or at any Austin Film Society event.