Happy 66th Birthday to Pedro Almodóvar: Watch this 1994 Conan O'Brien Interview

When we look around us at the great masters of film still working among us, Pedro Almodóvar must be considered one of the very greatest. His still growing body of work continues to compel us and instruct us, even as it thrills us. It's never a chore to watch a new Almodóvar film. Also, as an interview subject or speaker he is always funny and interesting.

Here's an old interview clip from LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN with Almodóvar. He is promoting KIKA, and, within the confines of a quick sit-down, is refreshingly different. He tells American audiences that they are "more sophisticated than you think." He even takes a moment to praise Russ Meyer, and says, "the women (sic) has a lot of secrets."