Resource Alert: 40 Years Of Raw Press Junket Interview Footage

Sigourney Weaver interviewed during ALIEN press junket

Here's a really fascinating journey through film and television history. Bobbie Wygant was longtime entertainment reporter for Dallas' NBC affiliate KXAS (she started in 1948!), and she went on many press junkets throughout the late '70s and beyond, taping interviews with many Hollywood directors and stars.

Here is a Vimeo page that collects many of these interviews. In many cases it is the raw, unedited footage. It's fascinating, and the footage looks crystal clear. The prerecorded and reassembled nature of some of the interviews results in some awkwardness, like this Molly Ringwald/Judd Nelson "I don't really want to be here fest."

There are interviews with the Star Wars cast, Ingmar Bergman, Sean Connery, Jodie Foster, Rip Torn, Dolly Parton, Mr. T, Pauline Kael, and many, many others. This is nuts.