Happy 95th Birthday Maureen O'Hara: Watch Her Stump a Game Show Panel

There are so few links to Hollywood's Golden Era still with us today. Maureen O'Hara is on the younger fringe of the great stars but she enlivened such classics as DANCE, GIRL, DANCE (1940), HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY (1941), MIRACLE ON 34th STREET (1947) and THE QUIET MAN (1952). Her charm, grace, talent and extraordinary beauty made her one of the most cherished stars of her era. Today she turns 95 years old. It's an honor to share oxygen with her.

She appeared on a 1959 episode of the TV game show WHAT'S MY LINE, during the celebrity portion of the show, in which blindfolded panelists attempt to determine a guest's identity by listening to answers to their questions. That accounts for O'Hara's disguised voice in the clip. She's sweet and funny and we can only wish the show were in color.

Watch it here.