Wow! Gabriel Garcia Marquez Interviews Akira Kurosawa

Next week at AFS we'll begin our Way Of The Samurai series with the Big One: SEVEN SAMURAI. To prepare, here's a dialogue between filmmaking legend Akira Kurosawa and author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It's an explosion of wisdom, as you would expect.

Here is a sample:

"Directors who make films halfway may not realize that it is very difficult to convey literary images to the audience through cinematic images. For instance, in adapting a detective novel in which a body was found next to the railroad tracks, a young director insisted that a certain spot corresponded perfectly with the one in the book. "You are wrong," I said. "The problem is that you have already read the novel and you know that a body was found next to the tracks. But for the people who have not read it there is nothing special about the place." That young director was captivated by the magical power of literature without realizing that cinematic images must be expressed in a different way."

H/T Open Culture