Watch This: Jean-Luc Godard & Fritz Lang: A Dialogue In 8 Parts

"Maybe in our films we put our hearts... our desires, everything that we love or that has betrayed us. And I think one day, if there is someone who could analyze us, you and me, maybe he would know. I don't know why I've made my films. Do you know?" - Fritz Lang

Below is a very interesting video - an hour long - of Jean Luc Godard and Fritz Lang having an open ended discussion about film and life. Such a meeting of filmic minds certainly does not happen very often and so it is presented here in its entirety.

Here is an excerpt:

Lang: I think in that respect films are like loaves of bread. They're good. They're made to be consumed today... in a week, six months, a year...

Godard: But a film that lives on isn't just a loaf of bread.

Lang: But I think only time and the public can tell. But when a film lives on like a film by Abel Gance, NAPOLEON, it is a work of art."

Godard: Abel Gance's NAPOLEON will live on.

Lang: It is a work of art. But how many such films do you know?