Eddie Muller Brings Noir City to the Ritz this Weekend

Ella Raines in a PHANTOM LADY still

It's a great time to be a moviegoer in Austin. AFS has the acclaimed new release SHE'S LOST CONTROL and the Hertzfeld/Plympton Animation Evening and our friends at the Ritz have something very special for fans of film noir.

This weekend the Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz has a ludicrously rich 11-film program of Film Noir classics, rediscoveries and reappraisals programmed and hosted by the man we trust more about noir than anyone on earth, Eddie Muller.

Few, if any, of the titles in the series are household names. Muller is not interested in showing you things you know about already, instead this series guides you into the back alleys of noir film and, through Muller's entertaining and well-researched introductions, into the history of the ideas behind the films and their creators, many of whom had a front row seat to the spiritual and moral darkness that engulfed the world during the 20th century.

The Film Noir Foundation, of which Muller is Founder and President, is a non-profit group that sees to it that the film noir heritage is preserved in celluloid and in the history of American ideas.

All of the screenings are in 35mm, many of the prints have been restored and, in some cases, reconstructed from diverse elements by Muller and the Film Noir Foundation.

The schedule is here. This is a very special and important opportunity and not to be missed by any noir fan.