An Introduction to Satyajit Ray by the Man Himself

Currently a new restoration of Satyajit Ray's APU trilogy is making the rounds. It will play here in Austin at the Marchesa in July. This compilation of interview segments with the master filmmaker makes a fine (and exhaustive) introduction to his art and techniques. There is always much to learn from a genius and frequently when we expose ourselves to a genius' thought and thought patterns we may find a little of it rubbing off on us.

Ray's technique of planning (and selling) his films with gouache paintings is enlightening, both as an interesting method and also as an explanation for some of his aesthetic choices. Also, his thoughts on the necessity of changing literary texts when adapting them for the screen are interesting. These are sentiments we have heard before but Ray expresses them so thoughtfully and with such precise language.

If you are learning filmmaking or just becoming acquainted with Ray and his films, it's a good place to start.