Resource Alert: Watch Dozens of Interviews with Important Contemporary Filmmakers

There's nothing like a good interview to get a sense of a filmmaker's personality, priorities, sense of humor, etc. Some of the best interviews out there right now are from a Toronto-based site called The Seventh Art. Recently they have featured interviews with the likes of Andrew Bujalski (RESULTS, COMPUTER CHESS), The Safdie Brothers (HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT, DADDY LONGLEGS), Ruben Ostlund (FORCE MAJEURE), the team of Stephanie Spray & Pacho Velez (MANAKAMANA), Frederic Wiseman (NATIONAL GALLERY), Paul Schrader (HARDCORE), Margarethe Von Trotta (SHEER MADNESS) and so, so many more.

It's an important resource, and if you're anything like me, it will have you scrawling notes of films you must see next.

The site is here.