Photographer George Hurrell & The Art Of Hollywood Glamour

Bette Davis

The work of photographer George Hurrell today epitomizes what we think of as Hollywood glamour. Even more than the films themselves, Hurrell's portraits, which were sent out en masse to theaters, fan magazines and fans, helped to create a mythos of gods and goddesses, more real than real and more perfect than perfection. Hurrell was a master of lighting and retouching. He was a house photographer at various times for MGM, Warner Brothers and Columbia, and he was highly in demand from the 20's until his death in 1992. Here are some of his most iconic classic Hollywood portraits.

Joan Crawford

Marlene Dietrich

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Anna May Wong

Norma Shearer

Errol Flynn

Katharine Hepburn

Merle Oberon

Gilbert Roland

Veronica Lake

Carole Lombard

Clark Gable

George Hurrell, self portrait