Bizarro Treasures from the Texas Archive Of The Moving Image Online Video Collection

The TAMI (Texas Archive Of The Moving Image) site is a great place to tumble through the historical looking glass into Texas History both official (LBJ footage, news coverage from Texas cities, etc.) and also insane home movies, industrial films, commercials and other oddball time capsules. I have collected a few of my favorite hits from TAMI in this post. Find your own and post in the comment field.

Here's a silent (and therefore deeply mysterious) reel consisting of bikini clad women whose bodies are painted with schematic diagrams and such phrases as "Components & Basic Function" and "Minor Degradations" (that one sounds like a D.C. area hardcore band from the early '80s). It's very odd. It is evidently a teaching tool for radar operators but the narrative strategy is inscrutable today.

Here's a prime cut of the stock footage genre known as "assembly line porn." We see the selection of meat, the grinding of the meat and the machine-assisted formation of the hamburger patties. We could stand more of it, but the process is surprisingly photogenic.

Here's a 1968 TV commercial from Dallas featuring Dick Clark trying to sell the world on hot Dr. Pepper. The experiment was a colossal failure and has been suppressed from all official Dr. Pepper histories.

Here's a brief, silent bit of intro footage filmed for an Austin-based kids show called THE UNCLE JAY SHOW. It depicts a bearded man swinging slowly across the screen clasping a rope. The show was likely a jolly thing, but the clip tends to disturb and disorient today, especially when he seems to just disappear.